Friday, September 30, 2011

Laura & Scott {married}

What a beautiful "destination" wedding this was!  Luke and I made the four hour trek to Madison, Wisconsin to be a part of Laura and Scott's perfect day!  In the backdrop of a beautiful city on a classic, almost cliche fall day.. I was absolutely loving what I had to work with.  First of all, Laura and Scott made it so easy to capture this vibrant love between them!  They were so... giggly!  and happy!  and in love!  It makes it extra special to be surrounded by such a warm family and friends.  And, this wedding party was awesome!  We went to such a cool area in Madison, this great garden on the campus.  And I LOVED the reception hall!  It felt very east coast, very Nantucket.. loved it :)

And sorry for all the shoe pictures.. when I find a good pair of shoes.. watch out!

Enjoy the preview, you two lovebirds!



Monday, September 26, 2011