Friday, March 7, 2014

Alexis + Doug {Detroit Wedding Photography}

Oh, this wedding!  Where to begin?!  This day was perfectly summed up with beautiful vows of Alexis and Doug.  They had some of the most personal, sincere vows I have heard in a long time.  In their vows to each other, they talked about their past and how perfectly (and ironically!) their paths were weaved together.  They talked about their love and how much they were absolutely made for each other.  Alexis and Doug praised and thanked each other for loving just who they are and for making each a better person. As their friends and family watched, they promised to love each other deeply in this crazy journey called marriage.  

And that is why we all came to this gorgeous venue!  That is why they put all the time and energy to host a GORGEOUS wedding in the heart of Detroit.  With the backdrop of this uniquely rustic city, Alexis and Doug and their incredible family and friends enjoyed a hugely romantic and special day witnessing the start of this special marriage.  As you will easily see, Alexis looked STUNNING and Doug cleaned up pretty well himself :)  The day went flawlessly.  The emotions were high starting in the morning, as Alexis put together a gorgeous (very old hollywood!) look.. and when Doug couldn't keep the tears in when he saw her!  We had so much fun bouncing around Detroit and the entertainment continued throughout the night!  They seriously know how to host an amazing event.  It was intimate and personal, and at the same time, a huge party!  From the decor, to the food to the big band and the dancing.. there was never a "small" moment in this monumental day.

A HUGE congrats to Doug and Alexis!  Thank you so much for letting me capture this special day!