Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Becky & Jason {married}

What I love about every wedding I photograph is.. well, a lot of things.  But mostly that they are all so unique.  Sure, there's a lot of similarities in every wedding.  But they each have their own style, their own stamp to the day.  Jason and Becky did an incredible job at putting their own mark on this entire day!  From getting ready at her parents historic, antique home.. walking to the church they have grown up in, taking the day slow, enjoying every little moment.. a sweet ceremony, greeting every person so warmly and truly enjoying the guests.   Taking relaxed pictures near the lake in Excelsior, walking to an intimate restaurant with the wedding party and finishing the night with a reception that made every guest feel like it was made just for them.   The day was absolutely perfect!

All the details were in order and everything went so well.. but more important than all the details, they are married!!  Becky and Jason couldn't have started their married life together more perfectly and I was completely honored to photograph it all!

enjoy the preview!

oh, and the details.  church: Trinity Episcopal in Excelsior, photo shoot in the Commons in Excelsior, reception: Old Log Theatre, Excelsior (sooo very cool), flowers: famers market!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carlee + Jake {married}

Ok, this was an incredible wedding!  I feel so lucky to start off this wedding season with such great weddings!   This gorgeous wedding had the backdrop of Stillwater, soaking in the views of the river, enjoying a trolley ride through town, ending the evening with a boat cruise on the St. Croix River.. seriously?!   see what I mean.. I'm that lucky.  Carlee and Jake are a photographer's dream.  Carlee was giddy and smiley right from our start in the morning.  It is so obvious how madly in love Jake is with this girl.. I love that they didn't see each other before the ceremony.  He was so excited to see her!  Isn't she stunning?  Sorry Carlee, but you two do make a modern day Ken and Barbie.

Oh, and the wedding party was amazing.  They were so hilarious, as you will see from these pictures. :)  They were up for anything and we had such a good time taking pictures and strolling around Stillwater.  There was honestly so much love in this group, along with the families as well.. Carlee and Jake are absolutely perfect for each other and they're pretty dang photogenic too.

thank you guys, for letting me be a part of your big day!  enjoy the preview :)

Carlee & Jake Hewes!