Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oh, to be 16 again!  I know, it makes me sound really old.. but that's an age I would gladly snap my fingers and be back to! So, you can imagine that when I had the chance to photograph 15 sixteen-year-old girls.. I was pumped!   Something different, something so fun!  These girls were great.  They were up for anything and had some great ideas for photos and poses.. I was thrilled!

So.. 4 locations, tons of Uggs, and 3 outfit changes later.. this is what we got!  Enjoy girls!   

Friday, October 19, 2012

Paige {2 year old}

Oh, it's so fun to photograph little girls!  They are so sweet, so adorable and so.. different than boys!  I had no problem getting some great smiles out of Paige!  Lara is a good friend of mine, and I'm always thrilled to photograph my friends!  She is expecting a little BOY soon (!) but I'm glad we could do more with just Paige :)

haha.. let's just look at one difference between boys and girls.. the moods?!  oh sweet girl!

enjoy the preview!


Trok {family}

I had the great privilege of being a part of a fundraiser this past year!  I actioned off a session at a benefit for Girls on the Run.  Check out this great organization!  It's a non profit program designed for elementary and middle school age girls.. they use the activity of running to inspire and motivate girls, encourage health, fitness and build confidence.  They eventually participate in a 5k and the program is so great for building a community of girls, encouraging relationships all while having so much fun! What's not to love?!   

All that to say.. the Trok family received a session at the benefit and I had so much fun getting to know them!  I love the brothers!  It makes me excited for what my own boys will become.. eventually.  They were so silly and just adorable.  They are such a great family and I was thrilled to capture all the fun!

enjoy the preview!


Owen {18 months}

Here's just a couple highlights from one of my favorite little boys!  Enjoy the preview and happy Friday! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

MacKenzie {senior!}

I seriously have nothing to say about her.. just look!  She's absolutely stunning.  But what's even better than her crazy good looks is how sweet she is!  MacKenzie is a friend of mine from my dad's church and I've always known her as such a sweet, kind girl.. who turned into quite a woman apparently?!  (side note: I couldn't help but think of my own sister during this shoot)..  but it was seriously such an honor for me to capture this beauty!   She's so humble, so fun, so spunky and just gorgeous!  Her mom must have done a great job raising her (wink wink)..

Good luck in your near future Miss Kenzie!  I'm so excited to hear how it all goes!  Thanks again for such a fun day!