Monday, August 29, 2011

Karen & Kyle {married}

Now, this was a fun wedding!  This was a back-to-back wedding weekend for me and this was wedding #2.  The other wedding will be posted soon but was a gorgeous outdoor, small, personal wedding with tons of crafty touches.   This wedding was at stylish, hip and.. downtown-y as they come!  Which I LOVE!  I have a great love for the city of Minneapolis and this gorgeous summer day and these two incredibly gorgeous people made for a perfect day of photography!

Let me start by saying that Karen and Kyle are wonderful people!  They are so incredibly sweet, were so grateful all day and really soaked in the entire day.  I felt so special and honored to be a part of their day.  Oh, side note.. this wedding was digitally captured by the amazing trio: myself, my assistant Johnna (she's amazzzing!) and my husband Luke on video.  We're a deadly trio.. watch out. :)

We doted all over Minneapolis that day.. ReVamp Salon (great place to get ready!), 2 condos for the wedding party, Stone Arch/Guthrie area (so fun!), Bethlehem Lutheran church (gorgeous) and Nicollet Island Pavilion (no need to say much here.. this place is unreal)

Without further adieu.. meet Mr. & Mrs. Wenzel!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AnnMarie & Michael (married!)

I LOVED this wedding!   This was one of those weddings that was unbelievably special for a lot of reasons.  Yes, the actual wedding party was amazing and all the details were oh-so perfect.. but it was the couple that made this day just magical!  This was another couple that is a photographer's dream.. I never had to pose these 2!   From the moment they met on that day, their eyes hardly left each other!  I had little work but to shoot, shoot, shoot.. and I did!   With the amazing help of my assistant Johnna, we were able to capture this day in full.

The ceremony was held at Calvary Baptist, photos at Central Park in Roseville (perfect day!) and the reception was at Semple Mansion.  Holy cow, I love Semple!  This is the 2nd time I've shot there and there is really so much variety and so many fun areas to take photos.  And look at this bride!  You can see why I was in photo heaven :)  Oh, and I rarely take photos of the food, but this Scandinavian food was so good...and presented so well! 

Great job on such a special wedding, you two!  Enjoy the sample!