Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rachel + Chris {Minneapolis Wedding}

This was another incredibly special, incredibly beautiful fall wedding!  Not only was this the beginning of a marriage, but a blending of two wonderful families.  Everyone there was so gracious and was so happy the entire day!  Everyone fully supported Rachel and Chris and was beyond thrilled for them.  Rachel (and her dad!) didn't forget a detail.  I loved the "style" of this entire wedding!  The flowers and the dresses were gorgeous and the way they set up the Carlson Towers was so perfect.  And Chris, the chef, showed off his love for great food in the incredible meal we had!  And instead of cake, cherries jubilee and bananas foster?!  Everyone was thrilled :)

It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of this wedding and photograph their special day!  Congrats to you both!

Enjoy the preview!

Jennie + Mike {Minneapolis Wedding!}

When I arrived at the church and was greeted by a huge "Jennie smile," I knew she was ready for this big day!  She beamed as she showed me all the details I had heard so much about and then got right to the point.. "So when do I see Mike?"  This was why she was here, why she spent hours planning it all and looking incredibly gorgeous.. so she could see her groom!  She smiled the entire day and could barely take her eyes of him, and he savored every second of this special day as well!

She doesn't believe me when I say that this was one of my favorite weddings, but I don't lie!  Jennie and Mike knew what they wanted for their special day and stuck to it.  She could do without the flowers (her bouquet was made of her mother's wedding dress!) , and she could do without the hundreds of guests, but just invited their families to the beautiful ceremony.  They greeted everyone and enjoyed the personal time, then threw a big, awesome party for everyone else! They have incredible families, and shared the day with people that were just as thrilled as they were for this day.  The reception, at Five Event Center, was a massive party.. complete with a country band (hey, I may now like country because of this night.. nicely done!), wonderful food, sweet speeches and a pass-the-wine-bottle-around-the-circle-tradition that should now be at every wedding!

It was a perfect day, with wonderful people and a newly married Jennie & Mike Moren!  Here's a preview of the photos.. I can't get enough of their beaming smiles!  Congrats you two!